What makes a band memorable?



Five faces glow in the dark. The glow begins to pulsate in sync with the music. Contrasts determine the picture. Contrasts that can be found in every aspect of Behind the Masquerade.


Since its foundation, Behind the Masquerade has been making more than just music. Rock meets electro. Spherical, catchy melodies and clear vocals meet aggressive outbursts.


What makes a band unique? How can design be implemented in the DNA of a music project?

Behind the Masquerade is an interdisciplinary music project that combines the artistic qualities of a band with design methodology. We created a brand with luminous masks at its center that enable a new kind of interaction between music and audience.

Programmable Masks

To build the masks, individual plaster casts were thermoformed with transparent acrylic. Electroluminescent elements provide the lighting. The masks can be programmed so that each one lights up individually in different modes synchronized with the music. This results in a versatile and unique live show.


Behind the Masquerade

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Stephan Thiemt

Jonas Knödler


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