How will digitalization transform forestry?



Although modern technology is changing all sectors, forestry still is mostly analogue and doesn't benefit from smart networked systems. Especially forest inventory is complex and time consuming.


How can digitalization improve the oversight of existing forests? Can technology enable a more sustainable forest management?

Pine & Leaf is a platform-based tool for forest inventory. The system covers all aspects of sustainable forestry and facilitates the planning of tasks for both private and professional users.

The system consists of three core elements.

01 The Measuring Unit

The lower part of the measuring unit contains a camera that rotates on the y-axis and continuously sends  pictures to gather information about storm damage, pest infestation and other defects.


The upper part consists of a LIDAR sensor, rotating on the x- and y-axis to create a 3D image of the forest. The Data is used to monitor different tree species, growth and deadwood.

By rotating 360° on two axis the measuring unit captures 3D data of the forest in a 50 meter radius.

The test scans were made in a smaller radius but already give valid and detailed information.

02 The Platform

On the platform the collected data is visualised.

The platform is divided into three subareas. On the ‚Map‘, the forester can see current issues, regarding storm damages and pest infestation. In the ‚My Forest’ subarea, users can see the exact status of their forest in terms of area, carbon dioxide storage  and cubic meters of wood.

In the subarea ‚Forecast‘ users can find detailed statistics on forest growth and deadwood. This look into the future enables all users to better plan and economise on their forest.

03 The Application

The mobile application is a smaller version of the platform for direct use in the forest. In addition to the overview, the user has the possibility to navigate to the next emergency point or to the next tree to be harvested.


Interviews with foresters, professionals and private forest owners gave valuable insights into current methods and problems.

Current Process - 6 h

Pine & Leaf Process - 30 min

The New Forest Inventory

By digitalizing the collection of data Pine & Leaf reduces the process from six to four steps.

The estimate time is reduced from 6 hours to 30 minutes for one measuring point. Thereby  Pine & Leaf makes forest inventory more cost efficient and available.

Prototype Design


We built a prototype of the Pine & Leaf measuring unit to simulate and visualize the movement of the device. The scanning functionality was first tested with a smaller sensor that could measure objects up to 50 cm away. The forest scans were made with an x-box kinect that can scan with a distance up to 8 meters.


Pine & Leaf

Digitalization in Forestry

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